• New
    Carbon v1 frame

    Ultra-light and stylish

    A perfect synergy of a carbon-fibre front and titanium temples.
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  • Red Dot Design
    Award 2019

    The fourth Red Dot Award

    This time for Kepler Advanced, the world’s only loupe with 4 magnifications in 1 (3.6x, 4.5x, 5.5x, 6.4x).
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  • Tailor-made with for your prescription

    Perfectly suited to your needs.

    ExamVision loupes can incorporate any prescription and are 100% rebuildable for changes in eyesight or working position.
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  • ExamVision,
    made to measure.

    Lightweight, stable and comfortable

    Find the perfect loupe for your work. Three loupe systems: Galilean HD, Kepler Kompakt and Kepler Advanced.
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